Hadoop and Big Data

Accelerate data ingestion, boost performance and cut cost

Hadoop and Big Data technologies are the modern enterprise platform for storing diverse and large volumes of data, and a foundation for enabling higher scales and new styles of analytics. Whether on premises or in the Cloud, Big Data platforms are fast becoming a critical part of data management infrastructures.

Hadoop also provides a modern complement to the enterprise data warehouse with significantly lower cost for storing and processing large volumes of data. With Hadoop, enterprises have the opportunity to offload less valuable data from their data warehouse as well as some workloads like ETL. This frees up valuable resources in the data warehouse while reducing total cost of ownership. They also can offload data and analytics queries from mainframe systems to reduce complexity and cost.

Implementations like Data Lakes and technologies like Apache Kafka enable new architectures to support analytics, growth and innovation. At the same time, they create the need for new technologies to ingest Big Data at scale, manage performance and control cost.

Attunity software enables enterprises to:

  • Accelerate data ingest at scale from many sources into your data lake  
  • Enable real-time analytics with live data, from many sources, at scale 
  • Rebalance data and ETL workloads to optimize cost and performance  
  • Manage your data lake with intelligence and governance
  • Offload queries from the mainframe and enable analytics on your valuable data