Enabling SAP Analytics

Deliver SAP Data to Any Platform – Quickly, Easily and in Real Time

Many of the world’s largest enterprises run their critical business operations on SAP applications.  Using one or more SAP applications such as ECC, HR and CRM, these organizations capture critical objects within SAP systems. Making this data available for analytics is a common need in order to support decisions and analytic processes that improve operations, optimize customer service and enable the company to compete more effectively. 

To do so, companies often look for ways to bring live SAP data into their analytics platform of choice, where they can merge the SAP data with other business information and serve a growing number of users. However, delivering this SAP data can be challenging due to the underlying data model and complex data structures. The process can be complex, manual and prone to delays.

Attunity Replicate for SAP is a high-performance, automated and easy to use data replication solution that is optimized to deliver SAP application data in real-time for Big Data analytics.  It moves the right SAP application data easily, securely and at scale to any major database, data warehouse or Hadoop, on premises or in the Cloud.  This solution builds on decades of leadership in enterprise data replication and SAP integration. 

With Attunity Replicate for SAP, you gain:

  • Easy Access to Data. Capture and translate complex SAP formats, then export data with an intuitive and automated interface that is purpose-built for the SAP environment
  • Broad Heterogeneous Support (Including Hadoop & Cloud): Leverage the industry’s broadest support of targets
  • Real-time Integration with CDC. Attunity Replicate for SAP change data capture (CDC) technology continuously updates targets to enable real-time insights
  • Ease of Use and Automation. Our intuitive web-based console makes it simple to configure, control and monitor replication tasks across all sources and targets
  • Secure and High Speed Cloud Data Transfer. Deliver SAP data confidently to the Cloud with encrypted multi-pathing

Check out the Attunity Replicate for SAP solution sheet.
Check out the Attunity Replicate for SAP white paper. 

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