Data Warehouse Usage and Workload Analytics

Optimize performance and improve data warehouse governance

The data warehouse (DW) is the foundation for modern BI and analytics and a critical system for many enterprises as business users rely on it every day to manage operations, serve customers and support decisions. But over time the data warehouse becomes a complex system, impacted by growing data volumes, applications and users. This makes it harder to ensure SLAs, optimize performance, and monitor and govern usage.

To improve the value and cost of this complex system, IT can benefit from understanding data usage and workload impact across the various layers of the data warehouse environment, from the end-user all the way to storage. Attunity can help with its data usage and workload analytics platform, enabling intelligent data management.

Attunity Visibility provides comprehensive data usage and workload analytics for all the leading data warehouse platforms, including Teradata, Exadata, Oracle, DB2 and Netezza, as well as Hadoop. It provides information and insight based on in-depth and multi-dimensional analysis of the data warehouse environment, which can be easily used in dashboards and reports to enable informed, fact-based management of the data warehouse.  With Attunity Visibility, enterprises can:

  • Improve and Optimize DW Performance. Identify and address heavy workloads and bottlenecks, and correlate/analyze impact from the report or application level all the way to the executed SQL. See video  
  • Optimize Storage Costs. Identify cold or hot data based on actual data usage to enable intelligent storage tiering. See video  
  • Enable Chargeback or Showback. Accurately by measure and report on user or business group consumption of data and resources. See video
  • Support Governance and Compliance. Capture and analyze information about user activity patterns to identify discrepancies and satisfy auditing requirements. See video
  • Simplify Migrations. Plan migration phases and use impact analysis to understand and mitigate potential risks  

Check out the Data Warehouse and Hadoop Management data sheet.

Enable Intelligent data management by empowering your data warehouse and management teams with a BI system designed specifically for them. With data usage and workload analytics, IT gains insight to improve the analytics services they deliver to the business, and ways to optimize cost/performance.

Customer Success

Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical leader, improved its data warehouse operations on several fronts with Attunity Visibility.  Pfizer identified:

  • Unused data, leading to a 50% reduction of HR data warehouse storage and annual savings of nearly $400K
  • Data usage patterns, enabling changes that reduced ETL load times by 75% and saved nearly $80K/year

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