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Analyze More Data With the Same Staff & Budget (Featuring Forrester)

Watch as guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri, and Kevin Petrie at Attunity discuss results from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Attunity. In this special segment, we cover the challenges that organizations face today in managing and analyzing data and how they can be...

Data Lake Adoption and Maturity Survey Findings

To better understand the current state of data lake adoption maturity, Radiant Advisors and Unisphere Research surveyed 385 IT practitioners and stakeholders at organizations within a variety of industries. This resulting study focuses on the findings of key data lake perceptions, challenges, and successes on data organization, integration, security, and...

Couchsurfing Gets Real-time Actionable Insight into User Behavior with Attunity CloudBeam and Amazon Redshift

Read this case study to learn how Couchsurfing, a community-based social travel network, worked with BytecodeIO , Attunity CloudBeam , Looker, and Amazon Web Services to get real-time actionable insight into user behavior.

Dolby Labs Refresh Strategy for SAP Vistex Data

Dolby Labs has a complex SAP landscape incorporating business integrations with custom and packaged applications. The enterprise applications footprint consists of SAP modules integrated with SuccessFactors, Salesforce, Vistex amongst other applications. The Vistex environment is a heavily customized “royalty calculation engine” to enable royalty price calculations for an organization which...

Move It, Don't Lose It!

Is Your Big Data Collecting Dust? This exciting new infographic highlights the importance of ensuring your data is timely and how to go about it smartly. It also includes interesting market statistics on Big Data use today, addresses the challenges of moving Big Data quickly and easily and closes with...

The Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing the way businesses are collecting and analyzing data. Are you taking full advantage of the new technology in order to reap the benefits of better business insights? Download the full infographic now to learn more!

How to Unlock your Big Data Potential with Attunity Replicate

Today’s business requires real-time Big Data for quicker decision making. However, delivering data from various sources to different business units in an easy and timely manner is a challenge. To overcome it, leading enterprises are choosing real-time Big Data replication and loading solutions that are custom-built for the job making...

Information Economics A Modern Approach to Data Management

Watch this webinar replay, presented by Cognizant and Attunity Today’s CIO is facing a data management crisis. Exploding amounts of enterprise data is resulting in an exponential rise in infrastructure costs. And workload-specific, heterogeneous data platforms are increasing the complexity of managing enterprise data. Facing these challenges, what strategy should...

Data Modeling for Big Data

For decades, the cardinal rule has been "model first, load later." But with big data, this longstanding rule is being flipped on its head as more enterprises incorporate new technologies, such as Hadoop and NoSQL, and new strategies, like Data Lakes, to manage fast-growing volumes of highly-variable and dynamic data...

Forrester Report: Why Firms Struggle to Analyze More Data

Today’s organizations have tens, if not hundreds, of applications generating data ripe for analysis. In order to succeed in this customer-centric era, data insights must inform every function of the business, including customer experience, operations, marketing, sales, service, and finance. However, many enterprises struggle with integrating and gaining insight into...

Innovate SAP Data Management for Fast Business Success

Realise fast and flexible SAP data managment A requirement for enterprise success, businesses must ensure that accurate data is available for development, testing, analysis and training, while still protecting sensitive information. However, efficiently creating and updating non-production systems with good, reliable and secure data is one of the most difficult...

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Workloads to Offload

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to BI users and reports.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Chargebacks

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to chargebacks.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Auditing

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to auditing.

Attunity Use Case | BI Users And Reports

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to BI users and reports.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Data Range Analysis

A video series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video relates to data range analysis.

Attunity Visibility Use Case | Unused Data

A series on Attunity Visibility use cases; this video is in regards to your unused data.

Attunity Visibility for Hadoop Demo

Demo of Attunity Visibility for Hadoop.