Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication (EFR) provides automated, highly scalable, file replication and synchronization across platforms.  Keep your information available and accessible with a wide range of scheduling, real-time, and recovery capabilities.

Organizations with distributed “mesh” operations including branch offices, field operations and mobile teams, face unique challenges when it comes to deploying and collecting information to/from the “edge.”  The process of ensuring that remote operations are in sync with corporate IT is an essential aspect of ensuring business competiveness and continuity. Examples include running nightly backups of daily field reports, collecting video and image files for project management and guaranteeing field offices have the latest HR and corporate information.

Unfortunately, as the numbers of remote nodes expand, the volume/complexity of folders/files under management increases and the sheer size of files increases.  Under this strain, legacy replication solutions and native server tools reach their breaking points.

Attunity Central Manager for EFR provides fast, scalable replication management across distributed IT infrastructure and challenging network topologies.  Designed specifically for organizations with distributed operations Attunity EFR automates, accelerates, and simplifies replication processes regardless of the size, complexity and scale of data under management.

Fast, reliable and rapid to deploy, Attunity Central Manager offers robust scheduling, comprehensive management of grid-node topologies, detailed audit, and industry leading transfer acceleration engines that deliver 10X performance gains.  You can realize the following benefits:

  • Reduce downtime associated with inefficient and unreliable legacy solutions
  • Support global replication needs across any network connection
  • Single platform for unified replication management across all operating systems, servers and single user devices
  • Minimal impact on networks, servers or applications that power business operations
  • Highly scalable solution that addresses file systems and database dump file replication
  • Invest in a solution that makes server-wide rollouts affordable