Attunity Replicate

Universal Platform for Data Replication and Data Ingestion

Fast and Easy Real-time Data Warehousing

Real-time analytics enable enterprises to compete more effectively in today’s environment, for example capitalizing on immediate customer opportunities or improving operational efficiency.  This requires your data warehouse to have timely, continuously available data.  But homegrown, traditional software for incremental data loading can be cumbersome and inefficient.  As a result, enterprises are looking for more efficient CDC options.

Attunity Replicate empowers IT organizations with:

  • Real-time insights. Enable instant data updates from source to target
  • Universal availability. Synchronize your DW with the industry's widest range of sources
  • Automation. Eliminate the need for manual coding
  • Speed. Reduce the time and resources required for loading

Attunity Replicate’s enterprise-class change data capture technology and intelligent in-memory transaction streaming move only the deltas to significantly improve the performance of high-volume data acquisition.  Capabilities include the following.

  • Identify changes within source logs to protect the performance and integrity of production operations
  • Select among multiple flexible CDC options:
    • Apply transactions in order and in real time
    • Improve throughput and latency by processing varying change volumes in optimized batches
    • Integrate with native DW loaders
  • Configure source, target and replication parameters through intuitive “Click-to-Load” graphical interface
    • Ingest data in bulk, then automatically switch to CDC for real-time updates