Attunity Replicate

Universal Platform for Data Replication and Data Ingestion

Attunity Replicate loads your data efficiently across all major database, data warehouse and Hadoop platforms.  Our intuitive user interface, change data capture (CDC) technology and in-memory transaction streaming for real-time data warehousing accelerate your enterprise journey to real-time analytical insights.

Attunity Replicate is an advanced, feature rich, and yet very intuitive data replication and integration platform. We have designed Replicate to be the right tool for any environment. Today, enterprises of all sizes, with varying needs, are relying on Replicate for their mission-critical data management needs. You will find Replicate very accessible. And if you want to take it for a spin, you should definitely try Replicate Express. It is a limited version of Replicate that doesn't require license to operate. You can try many of the features of Replicate in this version and see for yourself how easy it is to use and manage. Both versions of Replicate support the same intuitive user interface and can provide real-time changed data processing. See below for more information.

Replicate / Replicate Express Grid


  • Replicate

    Replicate is designed to address large and small scale data replication requirements. Whether you have data in legacy systems, or more advanced databases, Replicate should be your data integration go-to tool. Replicate supports real-time change data capture in order to address transactional and incremental data changes. Additionally, it supports multiple replication tasks running concurrently for databases with millions of rows. Replicate requires enterprise license and is supported by our unparalleled personal support.

  • Replicate Specifications

    Attunity Replicate is high-performance, full load, end-to-end data replication software, addressing heterogeneous environments and widest range of data warehouse platforms, with real-time and query-based change data capture, and DDL capabilities. It provides support for the following platforms:

    Database Source and Targets

    Oracle Source and Target – Attunity Replicate includes Oracle as a source and replication target:

    Versions 10g, 11g or 12c

    • Consumes changes from:
    • REDO logs using BFILE log access
    • LogMiner
    • Direct log access
    • SQL Server Source and Target – Attunity Replicate includes SQL Server as a source and replication target:

    Versions 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2014 in the following editions:

    • Enterprise Edition
    • Standard Edition
    • Workgroup Edition
    • Developer Edition
    • Consumes changes captured from the database TLOG

    IBM DB2 as a Source - Attunity Replicate architecture facilitates data replication from DB2 databases including:

    • DB2 on LUW
    • DB2 for IBM iSeries
    • DB2 for IBM z/OS

    IBM Informix Dynamic Server Source and Target – Attunity Replicate includes Informix as a source and replication target:

    Version 11.50 and up

    • MySQL Source and Target – Attunity Replicate includes MySQLas a source and replication target:

    Versions 5.5 and 5.6

    • SAP Sybase ASE Source and Target – Attunity Replicate includes Sybase ASE as a source and replication target:

    Versions 15 or 15.5

    • Consumes changes captured from the database transactional log

    Data Warehousing Targets – Attunity Replicate supports the following data warehouses as replication targets:

    • Actian Matrix and Vector
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Apache Hadoop
    • HP Vertica
    • IBM Netezza
    • Microsoft APS
    • Oracle Exadata
    • Pivotal Greenplum
    • SAP Sybase IQ
    • Teradata

    ODBC Source and Target – Attunity Replicate supports a generic ODBC source and target on Windows and Linux:

    Based on ODBC 3.0

    • Can work using a DSN or a connect string
    • Supports Full Load and Query Based CDC
    • Attunity Replicate supports following legacy sources using Attunity's Integration Studio (AIS):
      • Mainframe VSAM data
      • Mainframe IMS/DB data
      • Mainframe DB2 data
      • HP Non-Stop Enscribe data
      • OpenVMS RMS data
      • Attunity Replicate Server supported platforms

    Linux Red Hat 5.4 or higher

    • Windows Server 7 x64, 2008 x64,Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2 x64, Windows 7 x64, 2012 x64
  • Replicate Express

    Replicate Express is designed to enable you to try out our enterprise capabilities without the need for license. This edition of Replicate has most of the main features of our standard Replicate, but is available without any charge in an easy to download fashion. With Replicate Express you get to actually use all the key features of Replicate (such as CDC, Click-to-Replicate, fast replication, etc.) without the need to obtain a license key. Once you are ready to upgrade to a fully supported version you can do so without the need for reinstallation or recreation of existing tasks. Replicate Express is limited to processing 250,000 records per day and runs one tasks at a given time.


    • No license required – only click to accept terms
    • License upgrade to full without interruption
    • All features of ‘full version’ – including CDC


    • Hadoop, SQL and Oracle as only targets
    • Allowed sources
      • Oracle, SQL, MySQL, DB2 LUW, Informix, Sybase ASE
      • Others grayed out
    • Limited number of records per day to 250k
    • One task only
    • No Task Scheduler
    • No File Transfer Service
    • User Profiles cannot be modified

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