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Navigating a Data Lake, ODS or Data Mart

The need to make data available, in its most up-to-date state, quickly across the enterprise has never been more important. But with data sourced from so many data repositories, in so many formats, it is a challenge to accomplish efficiently. For this reason, enterprises are increasingly turning to Hadoop data lakes, ODSs and data marts as key solutions for accomplishing this goal. But how are companies able to integrate disparate systems into one of these repositories effectively? Attunity can help.

Hadoop Data Lakes

The Hadoop data lake is a promising option for enabling enterprise-wide data availability to support analytics and business intelligence. As Gartner recently noted, data lakes eliminate the need to deal with dozens of independently-managed collections of data. Instead, information is combined into a single data lake at low cost with high scalability.

Making data highly available from disparate sources throughout the organization without the risk of tasking mission-critical systems or causing resource bottlenecks for IT offers many benefits. Whenever data is needed for analysis, the information is ready and waiting. Businesses need to simplify creation and maintenance of the Hadoop data lake by using an automated, high-performance data integration solution like Attunity Replicate.

Operational Data Stores (ODS)

In addition to the analytics benefits, capturing production data in an Operational Data Store (ODS) ensures that organizations maintain access to production data without tasking production systems. Once a business has identified the information that they want to move to the ODS, they need to simplify creation and maintenance of it using an automated, high-performance data integration solution that will keep production data up-to-date.

Including production data in a data lake supply chain is only useful if that information is kept as current as the systems that generate the data. The best way to keep an ODS containing production data up-to-date is to use a solution that captures changes in the source systems as they occur and sends them to the ODS. This ensures that line of business users have problem-free access to the information they need, and data scientists can also access data that reflects the same “version of the truth” that the lines of business are working from.

Attunity Replicate's heterogeneous data support and ease of use are critical capabilities to leverage when integrating disparate data. Production data invariably comes from many different source systems. An automation tool that has heterogeneous data support ensures that a wide range of production systems can be used as sources for the ODS. Ease of use means that operational data stores can be created in days or hours, rather than months.

Data Marts

Preparing and moving data for BI and analytics is a complex and manual task. By supporting the entire lifecycle of data warehouses and data marts through agile automation, Attunity solutions including Attunity Compose and Attunity Replicate help to eliminate traditional costly ETL development resources. Once the data mart is built using Attunity Compose, Attunity Replicate completes the process with its automated and optimized solution for loading data from many heterogeneous data sources, including real-time change data capture (CDC) capabilities. Together, the joint solution helps organizations build, maintain, and move data to data marts with less time and resources – freeing them to focus on higher-value tasks that drive business growth and competitive advantage.

Incorporating Hadoop in Your Modern Data Architecture

Hadoop is emerging as a core component of a modern data architecture, integrating with and complementing existing systems to create a highly-efficient, highly-scalable way to manage Big Data. Attunity Visibility provides data usage analytics to help companies modernize and rebalance with Hadoop, while Attunity Replicate automates data transfer into and out of Hadoop from any data source.

An Integral Component of the Modern Data Architecture

Once you've analyzed data usage using Attunity Visibility, you will better understand how to balance and optimize data throughout your IT infrastructure. Attunity Replicate will then help you to move it. The solution provides connectivity to data stored in most enterprise data sources, enabling high-speed data loading and change data capture (CDC). The collected data is automatically loaded into Hadoop, where it is made available for any Hadoop application to work on.

Attunity Replicate also provides high-speed loaders for most enterprise data warehouses. Using these connectors, organizations can take the results of Hadoop processes and load them into a data warehouse or an ODS.

Data managers do not need to have Hadoop expertise or scripting tools to perform data loading or offloading tasks. Attunity Replicate is easy to set up, which reduces the need for additional training and personnel.

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