Attunity Connect

Seamless data connectivity

Use Attunity Connect for easy, seamless and standards-based access to your data across a wide range of relational and non-relational data sources.

The Challenge

The typical enterprise hosts multiple platforms that contain data in different formats. When businesses need to aggregate the data across business-critical systems to tap into the wealth of information, they meet challenges if they don't have the right drivers on hand. Organizations need the right tools to move applications to more modern platforms, access their data and make it easily available for business use and analysis.

The Answer

Attunity Connect, an easy-to-use, standards-based data access solution, provides data accessibility and availability - quickly and easily. Built with a straight-forward, out-of-the-box configuration, it provides real-time, seamless connectivity for a wide range of relational and non-relational data sources.

Attunity Connect's drivers make enterprise data sources, from Windows to Mainframes, accessible by Java, .NET, and web applications, as well as by reporting, business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data integration platforms.

  • Broad coverage: available for many supported data sources
  • Low cost of ownership: easy to configure and maintain, frees up IT resources
  • Real-time: To meet the needs of today's business and support better decision making
  • Reliable and Secure: provides protection against ‘bad queries’ and their impact on source systems