How Attunity Customers Are Using Big Data

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As we headed into 2016, Information Week had ten predictions for Big Data. Their list included the rise of the Chief Data Officer, the coming of the data-as-a-service business model, and the ability to get real-time insights from data. Looking back at 2016, we saw many of these predictions come true with what some of Attunity’s customers did with their Big Data. Heres a sampling:

Fanatics Logo

To take their business intelligence (BI) to the next level, Fanatics, the world’s most-licensed sports retailer, knew they had to find a better way to store and analyze their data. Using a two-pronged strategy that included Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Attunity CloudBeam, they were able to migrate about 100 terabytes of data coming from five different applications quickly and easily into a data lake on the Amazon Cloud to perform analytics. Read the case study or watch the on-demand webinar.

Polywood Logo

To maintain its trajectory of year-over-year business growth, Poly-Wood, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture from recycled materials, decided to augment its existing BI solution with a formal data warehouse initiative. Impressed with the model-based approach and visual user interface, they chose Attunity Compose to automate their data warehouse. The team now has access to real-time information that helps them make faster and more effective business decisions. Read the case study

SwissLife Logo

To provide the highest levels of customer service, Swiss Life France, a renowned private insurer, initiated a project called ‘Vision 360’. The objective was to aggregate customer data from Swiss Life France’s backend systems into a search engine index to provide a consistent view of customer data. Using Attunity Replicate, Swiss Life can move data continuously from its DB2/z mainframe to an Oracle database used to feed an Elasticsearch search engine serving requests from portals and multi-device applications. Now, customers can access information about their policies online. And, business lines can work with real-time information about customer interactions. Read the case study.

Bearing Distributors, Inc. Logo

Bearing Distributors, Inc. selected Attunity Gold Client to deliver data from its test environments and speed refresh cycles to migrate the company’s systems to SAP. Using Attunity Gold Client, the analysts at Bearing Distributors can quickly resolve data management issues by keeping live systems online and delivering quality standby systems used for thorough testing and issues resolution. This helped them to deliver a high level of service and support to meet their customers’ unique challenges. Read the press release.

Computer Manfacturer Icon

A major computer manufacturer is using Attunity Visibility to improve data lifecycle management. Their IT team manages a large-scale enterprise data warehouse (EDW) from Teradata®, with 10,000 end users supporting more than 300 terabytes of data and handling more than 1 billion queries a month. In their prior IT environment, the application DBA team was manually writing custom queries against logs to diagnose the sources of problematic workloads and the trends related to specific users and applications activity. These tasks were necessary, but complex, time-consuming and resource constraining, which prompted them to search for a better, more automated solution. Using Attunity Visibility, they can quickly identify users, applications and the associated data related to problematic workloads. This capability enables them to diagnose issues faster and respond to the business in a timelier manner. It is also saving them 30-50 percent of time previously spent to manually write custom queries against logs to find the needed answers. Read the case study.

To learn more about how customers worldwide rely on Attunity products for their Big Data initiatives every day, look at Attunity's customer page.